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The Meaning of Marriage in Islam

  Marriage in Islam is regarded at the beginning as a righteous act, an act of accountable devotion. Muslim students have interpreted the Qur’an to imply...


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Surveillance, Detentions And Politics of Fear: Managing Kashmir The Palestinian Way 

As Israel incarcerates Palestinians and India continues to systematically Otherize and disempower Kashmiris—a mirrored image on the predicament of ethnic, spiritual and racial bio-minorities. Events...

Rutgers, Audrey Truschke and The Encounter With Hindutva Fascism

The previous few weeks noticed a serious controversy erupt at Rutgers University that has made the truth of Hindutva fascism quickly rising as a...


Story of Prophet Sulaiman Alaihissalam

Prophet Sulaiman S was the son of Prophet Dawud S who was a clever king of the Israelites. Prophet Sulaiman S was born in...

Story Of Prophet Dawud Alaihissalam

Prophet Dawud alaihissalam was one of many righteous individuals of Banu Israel who joined the military of Banu Israel when he was a really...

Talut and Jalut in Islam

Talut and Jalut story in Islam Bani Israel as everyone knows has been probably the most cussed nation of all instances. Despite witnessing quite a...

Story of Prophet Al-Yasa alaihissalam

Prophet Al-Yasa additionally known as Elisha was one of many prophets of ALLAH (SWT) despatched down for the steering of Banu-Israel. It is talked...

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Here’s Why Virtue-Signallers Deserve Some Compassion • The Muslim Women TImes

The need to be picked capitalises on two of our most simple human drives; worry and survival. “What is the agreement on Muslim women...

6 Dua For Love Success